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#MassholeMonday - blog 23

Are you a failure? What a question. What does it mean? It’s a pressing question with the deadly word ‘fail.’ It’s a word that can terrify, drive, or break you, depending on what kind of person you are. Even the best of us are pulled towards the label at some point in time. In our society, labeling failure is everywhere and you can’t hide from it.

The biggest label of failure is when you hit the age of thirty. The marriage-and-children talk will always start. And no matter what your profession is or how successful you are in life, some people will cast the failure shadow down on you because you don’t have children or you don’t seem to be a prospect in the market for marriage. Is this for other people to conform to and think that this is the standard of what life should be? What if you’re a doctor and save people’s lives for a living, for example. Are you still a failure because you don’t have a baby or marriage in your life? Or, is your life what you want it to be?

Getting married and having kids is a great thing in many people’s eyes. But it was their choice. Failure is what you make of it and how you let it affect you. For most adults, failure is a luxury that comes with our daily lives. We can brush it off because we have the luxury of failing and it not hurting anybody else but ourselves. For someone who’s in charge of saving or guarding people’s lives, I don’t think that failure should me measured in marriage or having children. Why should people play into the perceptions of others around us and their judging eyes?

What makes people whole? This question is reserved for every individual. You know what’s right for you and you can make your own decisions.

—Dave The Masshole