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#MassholeMonday - blog 24

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In a moment’s notice, everything can change. You can go from being the best team with the best player, and one stupid move later, with a twisted knee, you’re just another team that ‘could have been.’

It’s the same in the lives of every common Mansy. We’re an army of men who think we’ve just missed our opportunities, one after the other. Every girl we meet is a chance encounter where we believe we were at our absolute best; a once in a lifetime best. We do this instead of just thinking that it was your time to meet a girl or to get a big break in your life that you deserve. It’s because you’re entitled to be ‘happy’ yourself, and not on other people’s time.

Why do men think of themselves as lucky to be with the woman that they’re with? Why does luck have anything to do with it? Why not that it was just you? You have the confidence and you should feel good about yourself that it was you, and not some ridiculous force that shined on your ass at one point in your life. Guys with no self-esteem are always looking for the reasons why they are in the positions they’re in. It’s because you had confidence in yourself — even for a moment.

Why can’t we capitalize on this? Are we scared, or are we just content with the quick situation we’re in without pushing it? Oh, yeah: and if you push it, then you’re cocky and full of yourself. But isn’t that what women are? Pushy and full of themselves? Mansy will accept this because he was at his very best when he met her, instead of thinking that she was at her best when she met him. The crazy thing about all this is that Mansy will try to remember what he was like when they met and try to get back to that person — because he was lucky to find her at that moment.

Mansy-ism has been alive for many years. It will continue to be for many more — because of the low self-esteem of men who thought that they were lucky.

—Dave The Masshole