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#MassholeMonday - blog 25

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Last week, I was out scouting for Mansy when I encountered a couple, both from the states, who had moved to Europe for work at different times. For the next hour and a half, I listened to the two of them dump all over the U.S. in glowing fashion. I asked them a few questions just to gauge their anger. How did you both meet? Through our company, they answered. You’re company is from the U.S.? They answered yes. Do both of you still work there? Yes. They put you both up in Europe and they pay you? Yes. Well, that doesn’t sound so bad. Or does it?

I realized then that I was dealing with two idiots. They were badmouthing the United States because it’s fashionable. It’s a way for people to ‘fit in’ because they’ve felt wronged in their lives, even though some of our countries policies are hard to swallow. But what people don’t understand is that it’s opinions that make our country great; that you have the right to have an opinion.

When our conversation went south and I realized I was talking to two rich brats that have had everything handed to them. I’m not saying Ra-Ra-Ra U.S.A.; I’m saying have some respect for what has been given to you. If it were taken away, what would you do then? That pompous Mansy and his wife would be the first in line to wear the U.S. flag.

We’ve all been given gifts in life, some better than others, and we’ve all taken advantage of them. Just remember that life can be a whole lot harder.

—Dave The Masshole